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Author: Read the username.
Rating: I guess anybody can read it. No cuss words what so ever.
Disclaimer:Uh-huh I own this thing like I actually have a pair of wings to fly on.
Summary: What happens when you find something on the internet and just have to share... with your friend: Maximum Ride.

"What is that?" Max asks curiously. "Just a LOVE calculator. Do you want to see you and Dylan?"
"W-what n-noo!" stutters Max. I complete ignore her and did it anyway.
Max and Dylan

*Blank stares*

"Ah...Sorry Max. Lets try Fang...?

*Max nods dumbly.*

Max and Fang


"Try Maya." Max said complete with a stubborn gaze.

"WHAT!? TRY MAYA!! " Gets a nasty glare.

Maya and Fang

Complete and utter shock silence.


Feels the *YOU ARE DEAD* vibes from Max.

*RUNS form the VERY angry Max.*
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