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Max and Fang and Angel OH MY!


I just finished reading Fang, the 6th book for those of you out of the loop. And wow... Everything that went on is just itching to be discusssed, but since it just came out yesterday, its quite doubtful that many people have actually finished reading it yet. And that is why I must, must, MUST get it out somewhere. Lucky yous, you get to hear all about it.

Be Forewarned. There will be spoilers for "Fang". I haven't decided how mild or extreme they will be so if you decide to read them think twice. Also there will be cursing. Most probably extremely bad cursing.

SO FANG... The first literal words out of my mouth were a'what the fuck?!?!" That whole book was filled with crazy shit that I said would never happen. And fuck me it did. Of course there were more evil scientists and chemicals and teen angst and whatnot. That goes without saying. But Max getting kicked out of the flock? Fang leaving? I didn't even know how to react when I read this book. *inarticulate scream of mixed up emotions* LAjnklsdjbAKLslKKGuocyas!

Yeah... Moment of craziness over(for now). Anywho lets go over a few main points that really irked me:

Angel: Holy SHITBALLS? You think she'd have learned her lesson by now and started acting like a normal 7 year old who can read people's minds. If that's normal at all... but psycho much?  I mean I knew she was on a power trip, but really? and just FTW? in general because when you look up the word issues in the dictionary, there will be a picture of her there. I mean she actually pointed a gun at Max. A GUN. Like REALLY?? If that doesn't scream "crazy" I don't really know what does. And speaking of, there seemed like there were very slight hints of Angel having some sort of crush on Fang. Yeah, creepy, I know. I really coudn't care what happens to her after this because of all the trouble she caused. Angel can suck it. Okay maybe that's a bit harsh, but she really pissed me off in this book.

Max: Well seeing as she's the main character, obviously there's going to be some sort of conflict with her. And one of them is Dylan. When really, is there even a contest between him and Fang? But that's a bit unfair to her, because she never really showed outward signs of interest towards Dylan, but it kinda bothers me that she has the slight hots for him. And the debate for the leadership of the flock. Well now... It was one of the most heartrending things I've read in this series. Those pissy ass annoying and ungrateful birdkids! How could they kick her out? Is it just me, or was everyone else outraged too? I mean Fang doesn't vote her out, but really just because she's a little happy with Fang, everyone's all of a sudden angry at them for not being there all the time. That sucks for both of them. And when they voted for max to no longer be in the flock, did not one of them remember any of the things she had done for them all of their lives. ARRRRRGH!. Okay Flock rant over. But it was annoying me. Seriously though. And then they go off to Hollywood and have to get their asses partially saved by her. Sheesh if that was me I would have just left them and cut all ties to them. But thats just because I'm not exactly a nice person. And I hold grudges.

Fang: WTF?? Fang! Why'd you have to go an pull an Edward. *sigh* Dark brooding Fang. Sexy and Independent Fang. WHY MUST YOU BE SO STUPID!!! Now I know why Max wants to strangle him half the time. My heart fell out of my chest when I read his goodbye letter. But apart from that being terribly corny and emo, it was an extremely depressing way to end the book.. "You're better off without me..." ugh Those are the age old words of people too scared to face their problems! But I think its sweet that he's trying to "protect" them by leaving. Even so, he's going to meet max again someday or se he said in his letter. But its WAAAY too far off in the future. I mean honestly? 20 years. My bets on the next book.

Overall: Despite my seemingly angry rants, I did really like this book. A lot of things happened in it that I wasn't expecting and it had kind of a darker feel than most of the other books, at least it seemed that way to me. Max seemed kind of happy and funny compared to this. Of course Max keeps her trademark sarcasm, but she definitely doesn't show it quite as often as in the other books. My final thoughts are that its a good read, albeit the semi depressing ending and the darker themes in the middle, and I'm so mad at James Patterson for making me wait a whole 'nother year just to find out what happens with Max and Fang, because Who are we kidding? They're the ones everyone wants to know about anyway.

BLEH. So I think that's it. For now any way. Hopefully some peoples come up with good fanfic ideas and they start producing soon. I don't know how long I'll be able to last without a new dosage of MR stuff. Hope yous liked it!
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