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A place to get together and talk about James Patterson's Maximum Ride series.


1.] NO FLAMING. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are all entitled to free speech and opinions but that doesn't mean you have to be an asshat about it.

2.] SPOILERS: If you're talking about something concerning MR: The Angel Experiment, don't bother posting a warning. It would be downright stupid for someone who hasn't read TAE to join the community. HOWEVER, when discussing MR: School's Out-Forever, kindly place all spoilers behind an lj-cut + post a spoiler warning.

3.] NO SPAM. If I see you promoting a rating community, how to get discounts on LOW LOW LIFE INSURANCE!!! or anything unrelated to Maximum Ride, you will be BANNINATED.

4.] Icon and graphic are welcome.

5.] Cussing is allowed.


Maximum Ride is a book series by James Patterson and published by Little Brown. The series is set in the near future, and centers around the 'Flock', a group of human-avian hybrids on the run from the scientists who created them. There are two books in the series so far: The Angel Experiment (2005) which was a New York Times Bestseller for 12 weeks, and School's Out Forever (2006). The books will be part of a trilogy.

The School

The brainchild of deranged geneticist Roland ter Borcht, the School is the birthplace of the Flock, the Erasers, and countless other genetic experiments of dubious morality. The School serves as a laboratory of Nazi-esque proportions, where cruel experiments on the genetically-altered humans are not only allowed, but encouraged by the scientists inside.

Since the Flock's escape from the School, the School has relentlessly tracked the Flock.

The School is located somewhere in Death Valley, California.



Max, short for Maximum Ride, is the main character of the series. She is fourteen years old: the oldest of the avian-human hybrids and the leader of the flock. Max is a skilled fighter, and also has the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. She also has a bit of a soft spot for Fang, kissing him once during The Angel Experiment.

Max has a microchip implanted in her left arm, which she discovered through an x-ray. Its function and purpose are currently unknown, although the Flock suspects that it was implanted by the scientists and is used as a tracer.

Max is accompanied by a 'Voice' in her head, which usually gives her helpful advice in difficult situations.


The black-winged Fang is the most solitary of the flock members, and consequently has the least information available. He has an online blog, which he updates whenever possible. He has a bit of a soft spot for Max, though he wouldn't readily admit it.


Iggy is fourteen and one of the three oldest members of the flock; his blindness, caused by a failed attempt to surgically enhance his night vision when he was younger, is one of his defining traits. He is also quite talented at building and using explosives and makes them in cooperation with the Gasman. Since he was blinded, his other senses have been greatly heightened, and he uses them to compensate for his inability to see.


Nudge is African-American, 11 years old and very talkative. Her wings are brown with russet streaks, and are streaked with white on the underside. She is skilled in Psychometry, or the ability to pick up memories from inanimate objects.

The Gasman/Gazzy

The Gasman is eight years old and Angel's biological older brother. He earned his name from the fact that he frequently passes gas, although he is frequently called Gazzy or Gasser instead. He also has the abilty to mimic any sound or voice which he uses to play pranks.

The Gasman and Iggy are best friends, and often work together to build explosives, pull pranks, or do tasks for the Flock.


Angel is the youngest of the group. She is six years old, and has beautiful white wings that give her an angelic appearance. She is dearly loved by Max and is Gasman's sister.

Angel is a very powerful telepath, and can breathe underwater and talk to fish.


Total is a talking Cairn terrier that joined the Flock after their visit to The Institute. He also can talk which is revealed in Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever.

His name may be a reference to Toto of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Jeb Batchelder

Jeb Batchelder is a scientist from the 'School'. He is Ari's father, although this did not stop him and others from turning Ari into an Eraser. He helped the flock escape the first time and lived with them for a few years, suddenly disappearing afterwards. Jeb later reappeared at the 'School' when the flock returned. Throughout the series, he keeps insisting that he is still a friend of the flock and wants to help them.


Ari is the son of Jeb Batchelder. Unlike the other hybrids, Ari spent his early life as a nonmutant human living in the School. When he was seven years old, Jeb mysteriously vanished, along with the Flock, leaving Ari at the tender mercies of the School's genetic engineers. The geneticists used Ari as an experiment, splicing his DNA with that of a wolf in order to create a new breed of Eraser that could live longer than the previous versions (whose DNA had been spliced in the womb). Ari, unsuprisingly, came to resent his father for abandoning him. However, most of his hate is directed towards the Flock, who he blames for causing Jeb to leave him.

Ari is a seven-year old boy in an adult body. He is the most 'wolfy-looking' of the Erasers, at one point being mistaken for the X-men character Wolverine.

During the climactic fight scene in "The Angel Experiment", Ari fought with, and had his neck broken by, Max. While the injury would have killed a nonmutant human, Ari recovered; the broken spine may have even been a blessing in disguise for him, as it allowed the School's scientists to graft a full pair of wings on his back. Ari is now a Flying Eraser.

Ari and Max share many connections, the most obvious being that they are both mutants and both hear "Voices" in their heads. In "The Angel Experiment", the possibility that Ari and Max are siblings is discussed.


Erasers are genetically engineered human-lupine hybrids. They work for the School, and function as hunters, shock troops, and executioners. In human form, the Erasers have a "sameness" about them; they are adult (regardless of their chronological age), suspiciously attractive and have silky, hypnotic voices.

Their genetic makeup is flawed, resulting in lifespan of about five to six years.


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