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A Theory Regarding Angel

Been thinking a bit about Angel's behavior in the last few books, especially the most recent, and I've developed a theory -

I think that the Angel they have now isn't the original one that was there at the start of The Angel Experiment. When she was kidnapped, Itex/The School replaced her with an enhanced clone specifically designed to undermine Max and destroy the Flock from within.

Now, let's go with the theory that Jeb was a good guy at heart, just using very, very bad methods to accomplish his ends. He knew about the By Half Plan, he wanted to stop it - so he engineered Max with the specific purpose of destroying Itex from within, and designed the rest of the Flock to help her. (Note that each of them has a specific skill designed to aid her efforts to save the world. Fang is the writer and communicates their cause to the outside world, Nudge is the hacker, Iggy the explosives expert, Gazzy can create trick voices to deceive villains and Angel can read minds. And, yes, I'm going by their powers in the first few books, not the mutations in book 4 on.)

Someone at Itex got wind of this, and decided to undermine Jeb's plan to destroy Itex from within by destroying the Flock. They knew killing them outright may not be easy, so they decided to destroy them gradually from within by undermining Max's leadership. And so, to accomplish this end, they kidnapped Angel and created Angel-2 from her. When Max woke up in the crate at the School, the Angel next to her was the clone.

The original Angel was still kept at the School. In fact, when they saw the clones marching in the yard in Germany, the alleged "Angel-2" could have been the real, original Angel, which explains why Angel said "Uh-oh!" when she saw her. And Angel-2 used a combination of her mind control powers and the Flock's own emotions to manipulate them into throwing Max out.

As for her flash of humanity when Fang supposedly died, it could be that Angel-2 carries some of the memories of the original Angel, and seeing Fang like that awakened those. Or, maybe, the moment simply made her realize her actions could have consequences.

If this is the case, the series could very well come full-circle, with the very last book involving the rescue of the real Angel, plus an all-or-nothing showdown between Max and Angel-2.

An alternative to the flat-out clone theory is that Angel's brain was tampered with when she was at the School, to the same effect. In any case, it's still not the "real" Angel anymore, at least personality-wise.

Opinions? Other theories?
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...I think I love you for this. This seriously makes so much sense. I think I'm going to make it my personal canon. *draws hearts all over this post*
This, really, makes perfect sense. I can only hope that JP actually put that much thought into this *cough*
This isn't just possible, it's REALLY likely! You're a genius. Thank you so so so much for your brilliance! :)
I am so thinking this when I read those books. :D Thank you!

Nice theory ^_^

This also brings to mind MAX 2, who also just vanished. And the perfect solider guy from Saving the World and other extreme sports. Wonder if JP has something store with them and the other clones?
Ur amazing. You need to like send this to JP and get him to do this. That would be such an amazing twist. But I don't like to think like this whole time Angel was a fake.

What if like they switched her in book two or three. Cause why would an evil clone of Angel save Total?????
To keep up appearances, maybe? If this theory is correct, then Angel 2 is obviously very smart to have fooled everyone for so long. So...being the smart clone she is, she knows to show cute, Angel-type actions to make sure everyone stays fooled.

It is really such a great theory, but it's very unlikely to be what's actually happening in the story.


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