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MR RP-ers Unite!

Hello everyone! My name is Janelle and I discovered the comm when I was looking for Maximum Ride icons and artwork. It's been... wow... five months since I joined rivelata as Max. Since then, we've had an Angel (who was inactive and was dropped D8) and an Iggy is playing as well.

Since it's a book series, it's a little harder to find people who'll RP them.

So this is a request for Fang ( ^_^ ) pretty much anyone in the series. (I can bribe a Fang with icons... I have 12 already made and more will come when I get bored.)

If anyone is interested in RP-ing, I can give much better details in an e-mail or online but suffice to say it it's a game where your character just 'appears'.

Water lapping up against the sides of creaking wood resounds from all sides, and an itchy burlap blanket scratches what skin is not covered in dirty and ripped clothes. When your eyes are opened, all you will see is darkness - and then from above, there is light.

It is day above the deck of the ship you are apparently on, you will find, if you choose to stand and walk up the rickety steps. You move along with a hundred other individuals that had been down there with you, all of them looking as disheveled as you do. If you do not budge, rest assured that one of the guards standing off to the side - those tall men in elegant uniforms reminiscent of 18th century naval officers armed with bayonets - will be more than happy to force you above.

And when you do come, the salty sea air fills your nose, strong enough to sting. The air is heavy, damp and hot. Gulls caw above, and to the east, there is an endless expanse of water, the occasional island in the distance, but to the west... to the west, there seems to be a grandiose and elaborate coastal city. With a colorful melange of people bustling to and fro across the docks and on the mainland, elegant Victorian architecture, wrought iron fences and rickety shacks side by side, all of it dappled and framed with various tropical flora of impressive beauty. It's like a painting.

It is the New World. At least, that's what you overhear, if there's a language you manage to pick out, from the bustling crowds as you step off the ship, that you can recognize.

But what are you here for? Where's your world? The Child-Queen Immaculada will tell you it is but the will of God that brought you here, but whether that is true or not is for you to discover.

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So do all the fandoms interact? Do we reenact the story? I might be interested.
Yes, all the characters interact in the world. Which means you have Harry Potter characters running into Chronicles of Narnia, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, it's all a mass of people from different "worlds" (fandoms) in one, crazy city.

It's easiest to think of the RP as a big fanfiction more than anything else. Yeah, you have Max and Iggy, but there isn't the School. The plot is wholly new to the characters, rather than us just RPing the plots of the fandoms.

And I'll add that the RP does have plot. (Example: Right now, there are flying snakes attacking the city. As animals of the jungle, they're under the control of the Godking Zikhadhara - but our characters don't necessarily know that.)

But you can also suggest your own minor plots! (Example: There were some terrorist bombings -player-driven- during another player-driven event, a masquerade).

Does that help?

Please ignore the character journal - I don't have a personal LJ.
Wow! That's crazy!
It sounds interesting, but I don't really think it's my kind of thing...I really don't know much about any fantasy characters...I'd be down for a Max Ride RPG, though.
Hugs; thanks for the explanation.
Hello, I'm actually a mod over at rivelata and I just wanted to say that in fact the point of the game being multi-fandom is that players can apply to RP characters from virtually any fandom, then all of the characters interact.

We have Shadow the Hedgehog, Heroes characters, anime & manga characters, literature characters like the MR characters - we even used to have an Indiana Jones, though we still have a Batman and Spider-man.

The character you would play can interact with all of them! :)
Gotcha...That's pretty interesting.
so it's like a text-based rpg site then? How often would you have to post to be considered active?

Text-based, correct. "Cooperative story-telling" is the other way I've heard it phrased.

Once a month the game has an "Activity Check" in which each of your characters' activity is evaluated. We ask you to post links to either 1) an entry in the journal comm, 2) a sequence of comments you participated in that totals 10 comments, or 3) a comment to the logs comm.

That's the bare minimum. Ideally, characters are more active than that, but it can all depend on your personal availability from week to week.
I think a friend of mine told me about you. I play Iggy over at Asylum Project.

Well, are you interested in Rive too?
Aaah, not sure really ... I'm supposed to join another serious rp, promised I would, but haven't had the motivation too at ALL. And I'm already in 2 games right now (Asylum which can be drama or can be crazed depending on who you're interacting with and another game that's silly 90% of the time).
Maybe just keep us in mind if things calm down? :)